Portfolio of Services

Our Portfolio of Services are briefly explained below but please call us for more details.

Washroom Deep Clean

A Total Descaling and Disinfection to all Washroom Units, Fittings and Structure.
The Interior and Exterior of Pipework.
Removing the source of “Smells” that are associated with “Dirty Washrooms”.
We Achieve Free Flowing Conditions and a Fresh Pleasant Washroom Environment.
The Deep Cleaning of Shower Cubicles and Communal Showers includes Full Structure, Drainage Points, Controls and Shower Heads.
With our New Mini Cam we can carry out CCTV Surveys to your internal drainage and waste pipes in your Washrooms and all areas identifying any potential "Costly" blockages happening which can cause havoc for your business and your reputation, you can see this "live" whilst it is being carried out and we follow this up by supplying you with a full wrtitten report and DVD giving you total peace of mind.

We can also supply Washroom Services, Feminine Hygiene Disposal, Vending Machines, Soap Dispensing, Hand Drying, Toilet Seat Sanitisers, Urinal and W/C Sanitisers and Air Fresheners.
“A Total Solution”.

Emergency Disinfection/Specialist Disinfection

These situations can be distressing for those involved, when carrying out this work we will show the uppermost respect and work with total discretion.
The Removal of Body Fluids, Body Parts, Infected Body Fluids, Infected Areas.
A Full and Thorough Deep Clean, Disinfection, Sanitising and Decontamination of the total areas concerned.
The Removal and Disposal of Contaminated items including Mattresses.

Needle Pick Up including the Removal and Disposal followed by a Full Disinfection of the area.

House, Flat and Squat Clearance, the Removal and Disposal of contents, to include our Disinfection and Decontamination Service.

Sharps Box supply with Collection and Disposal Service.
Hazardous and Special Waste Removal and Disposal.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for these Emergency Call Out Services.
Please call 01276 682812 during office hours or 07788 886418 at any time.

Drains Maintenance and Blockage Clearance

Planned Maintenance and Repairs, Emergency Blockages and Damage, 24 hours a day.

  • Confined Space Trained Drains Teams.
  • Supplying Fully Equipped Jetting Units and Tankers.
  • Regular Service to all areas of Drainage Systems.
  • Digging out and Clearing of Slot Drains.
  • CCTV to include supplying a full report and DVD.
  • Replacement of damaged pipes and/or Re-Lining of Drains.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year Emergency Blockage Service.Please call 01276 682812 during office hours or 07788 886418 at any time.

Where Spillages, Backing Up and Overflowing of Contaminated Waste from Drainage might occur we will carry out a Full Disinfection and Decontamination Service to the affected areas.

High Level Deep Cleaning

Interior and Exterior of Buildings
Structure Cleaning
Builder’s Cleans
Pre-Commission/ Handover Cleans
Any areas of High Level Cleaning
Factory Cleaning
Roof and Gutter Clean and Clearance

Computer and Telephone Hygiene

The Cleaning and Sanitising of Computers and Telephones, Computer Rooms and Call Centres.

Kitchen Deep Clean

A Full Deep Clean of Hot and Cold Equipment, High and Low Level Structure and Ventilation. The Removal of Carbon, Grease, Heat Modified Oils and Food Debris from all areas.
Ventilation System Deep Clean
Total Clean and Disinfection of Ventilation Systems to include the supply, cutting and fitting of Access Panels/Doors where required.
Air Monitoring, Air Sampling and Testing, Disinfection of Systems, Full Risk Assessments and Remedial work.

With our New Mini Cam we can carry out CCTV Surveys to your Kitchen Drainage and waste pipes, we can identify potential blockages before they happen which could cause havoc in your Kitchen and for your reputation,. You can see this "live" whilst it is being carried out and we follow this up by supplying you with a full written report and DVD, giving you total peace of mind.

Lift Pit Clearance, Deep Clean and Disinfection

The Clearing, Cleaning and Disinfecting of Lift Pits and Lifts of any size.

Water Treatment and Monitoring

Carry Out Initial Legionella Risk Assessment followed by regular Monitoring and Risk Assessment Reviews.
Legionella Awareness Training to Customer’s own Staff.
All types of Remedial Work to include;

  • Clean and Disinfection of Water Tanks and Down Systems
  • Water Tank Relining and Replacement.
  • Cooling Tower Servicing and Cleaning.
  • Supply and Servicing of Water Treatment Chemicals for Scale and Corrosion Control.
  • Design, Supply and the Installation of Dosing Units.

All work carried out is Compliant with the ACOP L8 requirements.

Upon the completion of your First Deep Clean we will provide you with a signed “Certificate of Completion” for that Service. Another will be supplied for your Regular Service Contract. The Certificate is our Guarantee to you that the work has been carried out to the highest standards in line with the agreed Specification. It can be used towards satisfying Health and Safety Inspectors and Environmental Health Officers, demonstrating that “You Care”, ensuring that you have met your legal obligations and that you are showing “Due Diligence”.
We are not a Daily Cleaning Company, we Specialise in Deep Cleaning and go far beyond a Daily Cleaning Specification.

Our Service is carried out on a Guaranteed Regular Service Schedule, which is agreed with you, tailored to meet your requirements and works around the operating times of your Business. Our First Service followed by our Regular Service Visits will assist your Daily Cleaning and make it far more effective.

Our Customers are Extremely Important to us and to our Business.
The Delivery of Very High Standards of Service, Service that is On Time and that is both Affordable and Realistic provides you with Peace of Mind and allows you to run your Business without worrying about “the things that we care about”.

Hammerhead Hygiene are Licensed Waste Carriers through the Environment Agency.

All work can be carried out at times to suit your business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over 30 years experience in the industry

Our Quality Deep Clean and Emergency Disinfection Services are delivered “On Time” and “Cost Effectively”
There are “No Hidden Extra Costs”
An Emergency Service with Rapid Response Times
24 Hour Service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Free consultation and site visits
Full Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance
Fully Trained Staff
Happy, Motivated and Conscientious staff

"Total Satisfaction Guaranteed"